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Reception of the
raw materials

Pre-selected grains of European origin are delivered by truck. In this building we mill wheat,
spelt and rye into a variety of flours.

All other raw materials (other grains and seeds) are supplied in

Storage of the
raw materials

After passing the receiving magnet, the various grains
(wheat, spelt and rye) are cleaned a first time. All impurities
such as dust, chaff, straw and stones are removed.
After this thorough cleaning, they are stored in separate grain silos.

The remaining raw materials that are delivered on pallets
are stored in our warehouses according to their expiry date.


We produce the lightest to the darkest multigrain flour.

Our various mixers and dosage systems also allow us to
produce all types of whole-wheat, mixed, wholemeal
multigrain and special flours.

We specialise in multigrain flours.
In addition to wheat, spelt and rye, we use many other seeds
and grains. Take a look at our product page for a complete overview.

Dark varieties are obtained by adding
naturally roasted malt extracts.

Quality control of the
finished products

At the end of the production process, all finished products are
checked once more. We carry out several additional analyses
using our highly advanced lab equipment.

Our traceability system enables us to
trace the origin of every finished product.