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Receipt of
raw materials

Pre-selected grains of European origin are delivered by truck.
In this building we mill wheat and spelt into flour. All other raw materials
(other grains and seeds) are supplied in bags.

Storage of the
raw materials

After passing the receiving magnet, the different grains (wheat and spelt)
are cleaned a first time. All impurities such as dust,
chaff, straw and stones are removed. After this thorough cleaning they are
stored in separate grain silos.

The milling process

After a second cleaning, the wheat varieties are moistened if necessary.
Then the moistened wheat is stored in the storage silos, ready for milling.

After the necessary tempering, the wheat is milled into high-quality flour.
We have a solution for every application, from the finest pastry flour and the tastiest
bread flour to the strongest bun flour.

Quality control of the
finished products

Once they have gone through the entire production process, all finished
white flours are checked. We carry out additional analyses using our highly
advanced lab equipment.

Our traceability system enables us to trace the origin
of every finished product.